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  • Staying Active With Osteoarthritis

    Added On : 28th January 2013

    If your doctor tells you that you have osteoarthritis (OA), you might assume your days of spin classes and lifting weights are over. With joint pain, swelling, and stiffness in your future, it's hard to imagine pumping iron at the gym -- much less peeling your achy body off the couch to drive there.

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  • E-cigarettes 'can Cause More Harm than Smoking...

    Added On : 28th January 2013

    e-cigaretteE-cigarettes 'can Cause More Harm than Smoking,' Experts Say

    They are billed as a healthier alternative to smoking, yet experts now warn that electronic cigarettes may be more damaging than the habit they replace.

    The battery-powered tubes, usually styled to look like real cigarettes, contain a heating element that turns nicotine-laced liquid in a cartridge into a vapour mist that is inhaled.

    This produces a sensation similar to smoking the real thing but, say manufacturers, without the carcinogenic chemicals found in cigarette tar.

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  • Metal Implant to Fix a Worn-out Jaw Joint...

    Added On : 25th September 2012

    Metal Implant to Fix a Worn-out Jaw Joint: The Breakthrough to Give You Your Bite Back


    From my earliest memories, my jaw has been a real problem.

    I was born with temporomandibular joint disorder, which meant my jaw joint did not sit in the socket properly.

    It was constantly painful and I often woke up with blinding headaches that had been caused by it.

    I've taken painkillers every day of my life.

    They worked a bit, but I still couldn't sleep or eat properly so I was constantly exhausted.

    It was like seeing the world through a grey fog.

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  • Everyday Habits That Damage Your Teeth

    Added On : 16th November 2012

    Sugar, wine, and, yes, opening bottles with your teeth can hurt your smile.

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  • Urgent Measures for Dental Health Stressed

    Added On : 19th January 2013

    dr. obaidaA dental expert has sounded the alarm about the growing incidence of dental illness among the Saudi population, saying that the Kingdom has the largest number of patients in the world suffering from tooth decay. "This is the highest rate of tooth decay cases compared to any country of the world," said Dr. Mohammad Ibrahim Al-Obaida, a professor at the Riyadh-based King Saud University (KSU). Al-Obaida is a dental expert with specializations in root canals and diseases related to tooth decay.

    Dr. Al-Obaida, while giving an overview of the prevalence of various dental diseases in different age groups in the Kingdom, said that "the high rate of dental diseases will result in the national economy losing billions of riyals in coming years if preventive and unconventional measures are not taken soon." He also said that "the inclusion of dental care in the nation's health insurance plans would significantly curtail major problems in all age groups, particularly among children."

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  • Daily Aspirin Dose 'Cuts Cancer Risk'

    Added On : 14th August 2012

    aspirinA daily dose of aspirin for over-60s can cut their risk of cancer by up to 40 per cent and may offer protection after just a few years, researchers claim.

    A study of more than 100,000 healthy people found that those who took a dose of aspirin every day were two fifths less likely to develop and die from stomach, oesophageal or colorectal cancer in the following decade.

    They also had a 12 per cent lower risk of dying from other cancers, adding up to an overall 16 per cent lower risk of death from cancer of any type.

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  • Heart Attack, Stroke More Common...

    Added On : 15th August 2012

    Heart Attack, Stroke More Common in Shift Workers

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  • Doctors Zap High Blood Pressures...

    Added On : 28th August 2012

    bp takingDoctors Zap High Blood Pressures with Radio Waves: Procedure Could be Permanent Cure

    A radical therapy that zaps the kidneys with radio waves could provide a permanent cure for high blood pressure, research shows.

    The procedure may be available on the NHS as early as next year after trials showed it produced dramatic improvements in the condition.

    The breakthrough could bring hope to the thousands of patients who do not respond to drugs.

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  • 'Chocolate may Help Reduce Stroke Risk in Men'

    Added On : 30th August 2012

    Regularly indulging in chocolate may actually help men decrease their risk of having a stroke, according to a Swedish study.

    Researchers writing in the journal Neurology found that of more than 37,000 men followed for a decade, those who ate the most chocolate – typically the equivalent of one-third of a cup of chocolate chips – had a 17 per cent lower risk of stroke than men who avoided chocolate.

    The study is hardly the first to link chocolate to cardiovascular benefits, with several previous ones suggesting that chocolate fans have lower rates of certain risks for heart disease and stroke, like high blood pressure.

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  • Household Chemical Linked to Heart Disease

    Added On : 10th September 2012

    A chemical known as PFOA, found in common household products, may be linked with heart disease, stroke, and peripheral artery disease, according to new research.

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