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  • What’s your status? Ten facts to mark the 30th World AIDS Day

    Added On : 3rd December 2018

    A woman walks by the Pyramid of Cestius is illuminated in red for the World AIDS Day, in Rome

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  • Measles resurgence 'due to vaccine hesitancy', WHO warns

    Added On : 2nd December 2018

    There has been a worldwide resurgence of measles, with many countries experiencing "severe and protracted" outbreaks last year, a report warns.

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  • FDA approves two cancer treatments after expedited reviews

    Added On : 29th November 2018

    FDA approves an oncology drug that targets a key genetic driver of cancer, rather than a specific type of tumor

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  • Louisiana is trying to keep medical marijuana medical. It's harder than it sounds

    Added On : 28th November 2018

    A GB Sciences employee inspects plants at the company's Baton Rouge grow facility.​

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  • China baby gene editing claim 'dubious'

    Added On : 27th November 2018

    Significant doubts have emerged about claims from a Chinese scientist that he has helped make the world's first genetically edited babies.

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  • The therapy tested on pigs and corpses

    Added On : 26th November 2018

    A new therapy for children with curved spines was approved for general use after tests only on pigs and dead bodies, an investigation has revealed

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  • US issues health alert on romaine lettuce

    Added On : 25th November 2018

    Health officials in Canada said they had also identified 18 people stricken with the same strain of food poisoning in two provinces, Ontario and Quebec

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  • Mexican tetra fish may offer heart repair clues

    Added On : 22nd November 2018

    The Mexican tetra fish that lives in the rivers of Northern Mexico can heal its heart, while its cave-dwelling relative cannot

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  • Yemen crisis: 85,000 children 'dead from malnutrition'

    Added On : 21st November 2018

    Children under the age of five are at greater risk of death from severe malnutrition

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  • Zholia Alemi: Foreign doctor checks after fake psychiatrist case

    Added On : 20th November 2018

    Zholia Alemi faked her medical degree when she came to the UK in the 1990s

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