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  • Johnson & Johnson shares plunge after report on asbestos in baby powder

    Added On : 20th December 2018

    In this file photo taken on July 13, 2018, In this photo illustration, a container of Johnson's baby powder made by Johnson and Johnson sits on a table on in San Francisco, California

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  • Worth the sting: Cuba’s scorpion pain remedy

    Added On : 19th December 2018

    A worker extracts venom from a scorpion to produce homeopathic medicine Vidatox at LABIOFAM, the Cuban state manufacturer of medicinal and personal hygienic products, in Cienfuegos, Cuba, December 3, 2018.

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  • 'Weigh-ins help prevent piling on pounds at Christmas'

    Added On : 13th December 2018

    People who stood on the scales at least twice a week lost weight

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  • Puzzle solving 'won't stop mental decline'

    Added On : 12th December 2018

    Doing crossword puzzles and Sudoku does not appear to protect against mental decline, according to a new study.

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  • The athletes starving themselves for success

    Added On : 11th December 2018

    Anna Boniface seemed to have the world at her feet when finishing as the 2017 London Marathon's fastest amateur female runner.

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  • China cracks down on $4.3m worth of illegal and fake beauty products

    Added On : 10th December 2018

    Beauty procedures like injecting botox are big business in China

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  • Zainab Mughal: Toddler with cancer spurs hunt for rare blood

    Added On : 9th December 2018

    A two-year-old US girl who needs several blood transfusions to fight cancer has spurred a global campaign to search for compatible donors.

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  • First baby born after deceased womb transplant

    Added On : 6th December 2018

    A healthy baby girl has been born using a womb transplanted from a dead person.

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  • Could having wisdom teeth out lead to opioid addiction?

    Added On : 5th December 2018

    “This work raises two really important related but separate questions: Do we need opioids, and do we need the procedure?” asked the researcher.

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  • Son, this mom turned to polio survivors for answers

    Added On : 4th December 2018

    Bailey Sheehan's physical therapist, Melissa Murray, researched care for children with polio to help Bailey recover from AFM

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