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  • Worry less about children's screen use, parents told

    Added On : 6th January 2019

    There is little evidence screen use for children is harmful in itself, guidance from leading paediatricians says.

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  • Controversial tool emerges in opioid fight: fentanyl test strips

    Added On : 3rd January 2019

    Test strip helps prevent fentanyl overdoses

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  • Why cheese is no longer my friend

    Added On : 2nd January 2019

    My name is Tim and I'm a cheese addict. But what I've been discovering recently has shaken me to the core.

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  • The simple tips to improve your health

    Added On : 31st December 2018

    Building self-awareness, through things like meditation, can boost our mental and physical wellbeing

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  • 'Virtual tumour' new way to see cancer

    Added On : 30th December 2018

    An avatar of a scientist exploring a 3D tumour in a virtual reality laboratory

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  • US surgeon general issues advisory on teen use of e-cigarettes

    Added On : 27th December 2018

    FDA is proposing these new rules on vaping 

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  • 'Miracle' six-day-old baby survives Ebola

    Added On : 26th December 2018

    Baby Benedicte's mother, who had Ebola, died during childbirth

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  • Why are more boys than girls born every single year?

    Added On : 25th December 2018

    There are normally around 105 male births for every 100 female ones

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  • Spinal surgery for unborn babies to be available on NHS

    Added On : 24th December 2018

    Spinal surgery for unborn babies with the birth defect spina bifida is to be made routinely available on the NHS in England, officials have announced.

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  • Gently stroking babies 'provides pain relief'

    Added On : 23rd December 2018

    Gently stroking a baby reduces activity in their brain associated with painful experiences, a study has found.

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