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  • Llama blood clue to beating all flu

    Added On : 3rd November 2018

    Scientists in the US have recruited an unlikely ally in their efforts to develop a new flu treatment.

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  • FDA isn't doing enough to prevent medical device hacking, HHS report says

    Added On : 2nd November 2018

    The inspector general's office identified cybersecurity in medical devices as one of the top management problems for Health and Human Services

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  • Why expats battling breast cancer choose to stay abroad

    Added On : 31st October 2018

    Sharon did not want to go home for treatment for breast cancer and become a burden on her children. (Issa Alkindy)

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  • Fake drugs: The global industry putting your life at risk

    Added On : 30th October 2018

    The manufacture and distribution of medicines is so complex that it is often hard to track where fake or substandard medicines come from with some drugs, like statins or arthritis drugs, the effects of poor quality are confined to those taking them with antimicrobials, inappropriate use reduces their effectiveness for everyone else

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  • New drugs, test offer TB hope for millions

    Added On : 29th October 2018

    Bedaquiline, which in countries such as Belarus cured 80 percent of patients, was hailed by experts as a “game changer,” and can replace months of excruciating and often ineffective injections for sufferers. (Shutterstock)

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  • The FDA again adds more drugs to its valsartan recall list

    Added On : 28th October 2018

    The FDA added more products to its Valsartan recall list

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  • Are supplements safe and do they work?

    Added On : 27th October 2018

    The story of a man who ended up needing a liver transplant after taking green tea capsules has brought the topic of dietary supplements back into the news. What are some of the dangers of supplements and what are the health benefits?

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  • Tall people at greater risk of cancer, study says

    Added On : 25th October 2018

    A correlation was found in 18 of the 23 cancer types tested for

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  • Why to be wary of eating 'pink' lamb

    Added On : 24th October 2018

    Salmonella food poisoning is normally something that people associate with undercooked chicken or eggs.

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  • 3 million common procedures in England could become 'life threatening' without antibiotics

    Added On : 23rd October 2018

    Antibiotics are used to prevent bacterial infections related to a range of medical procedures, such as surgery, but overusing them can lead to the bacteria becoming resistant

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